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Hello, to you!

You who trims, cuts, or shaves every day.
You who groom the lovely people who climb into your chair…

Toddlers who “fidget” there…

Teenagers who give eye-rolls…

And, old retired dudes with coffee breath.

All the kinds of tall, short, funny, quiet, quirky, and even the not-so-easy-to-be-with-people who walk in to your shop asking you to do your best for a buck.

Your people.
   Your magic.
     Your craft.

We Understand Craft + Business.

We Get It.

You’re a multitasking expert, professional artisan, life coach, part-time accountant, and small business strategist.

You’ve already been to school, and you don’t have extra time to stay savvy at promoting and raising the bar of your client’s experience.

But you have options…s

Because we have some great solutions.

Let’s talk.

Our work

We’re guides. And, savvy creatives.

We use our decades of experience in design, strategy, and training to focus on individuals who are the heart of their small shop.

We cut out the aimless wondering because we’ve guided small businesses and supported their growth.

We trim your costly mistakes: time = money.

We shave the time you invest by making you savvy.

We want to do our craft, with and for you.

And we are creating products to up your game without all the extra effort.


Our Job